White Light Scanning (3D Inspection)

Optiscan 3D

Opti-Scan 3D uses a high speed, high-resolution industrial camera, and an LED DLP projector to scan the surfaces of an object.

Patterns of light are beamed from the projector onto the part, these patterns are recorded by the camera and used to create surface measurements.

Model I FOV (1) Field of view (Millimeters) I Accuracy (microns) Repeatability I Accuracy (micron) Volumetric I Camera w/ring light
OS1000.35 I 1000 I 35 I 75 I >18MP
OS1000.35LA I 1000 I 35 I 75 I >18MP
OS1000.35LM I 1000 I 35 I 75 I >18MP
OS350.10 I 350 I 10 I 15 I >18MP
OS350.10LEA I 350 I 1015 I >18MP
OS350.10LEAA I 350 I 10 I 15 I >18MP
OS350.10LEM I 350 I 10 I 15 I >18MP
OS800.35 I 800 I 35 I 70 I >18MP
OS800.35LA I 800 I 35 I 70 I >18MP
OS800.35LM I 800 I 35 I 70 I >18MP

Accuity A150.6 2D and 3D Scanning Machine

The Accuity is the most automated, large field of view, telecentric gauging system on the market, and can scan in both 2D and 3D as standard. The Accuity system has a certified accuracy from 6 microns, and can scan parts up to 119mm wide. The total setup and inspection time for a new part is unrivaled, at around 4 seconds.

Set up times and user input are reduced to zero by importing dimensions and tolerances from the CAD file. The total setup and inspection time for a new part is unrivalled, at around 4 seconds.

3D Scanning is included as standard, allowing inspection of each feature in both 2D and 3D. Parts can then be compared to both 2D and 3D CAD models, or inspected without a CAD model. The system has no moving parts making it shop floor friendly.

18MP cameras and HD projectors produce accurate measurements traceable to ISO10360-4. Ensuring fast inspection times at high resolutions with minimal setup.

3D Key Features

- Captures color, texture and 3D shape
- Scans entire field of view in less than 10 seconds
- Check angles heights and cross-sections
- Measures edges in 3D
- Compatible with free 3D inspection software
- Comparison with 3D Solid Model
- GD&T inspections in 3D
- Projection of flatness deviation onto part
- 10 second scan time
- Augmented reality projection of failed features onto parts
- HDR scanning for reflective and high contrast components

A150.6 2D & 3D
Field of View X (mm): 119
Field of View Y (mm): 90
Field of View Z (mm): 60
Accuracy 2D (Microns): 6
Accuracy 3D (Microns): 10
Camera Resolution: >18MP

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