Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Renishaw AM250 Additive Manufacturing System

Flexible material use and ease of changeover
The AM250 features an external powder hopper with valve interlocks to allow additional material to be added whilst the process is running. It is possible to remove the hopper for cleaning or to exchange with a secondary hopper for materials change, using the universal silo lift. This means that multiple material types can be interchanged on the AM250 platform with relative ease. The powder overflow containers are outside the chamber and have isolation valves so that unused materials can be sieved and reintroduced to the process via the hopper while the system is running. The system has a build volume of 250 mm × 250 mm × 300 mm.

Renishaw AM400 Additive Manufacturing System

AM 400 system

The Renishaw AM 400 is the latest development of the
Renishaw AM platform. It features all the most recent PlusPac
machine updates including larger safe change filter, improved
optical control software, revised gas flow and window
protection system and a new 400 W optical system to give a
reduced beam diameter of 70 µm, in line with the current
AM 250 200 W platform.

The advantage offered by the AM 400 is the possibility to
develop parameters that deliver higher productivity through
faster scan speeds, whilst still maintaining feature definition
and precision. An additional benefit is the direct transferability
of existing 200 W material file parameters from the AM 250
200 W system. The increased laser power of 400 W focussed
at 70 µm also provides the potential to process materials with
elevated melting temperatures, with a significant increase
in energy density compared to the current AM 250 400 W

• Build complex metal components direct from 3D CAD data
• Transferable parameters from AM 250 200 W to AM 400
• Flexible and rapid material changeover
• Class leading patented inert atmosphere generation and
low argon consumption
• Open access material parameter editing
• Soft recoater blade suited to lattice and delicate geometries
• Patented SafeChange™ filter system
• Build removal via chamber glove box enhances safety

Renishaw RenAM - AM500 Additive Manufacturing System

Additive manufacturing for industrial applications
The RenAM 500M is a laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing system designed specifically for the production of metal components on the factory floor. It features automated powder and waste handling systems that enable consistent process quality, reduce operator touch times and ensure high standards of system safety. The system build volume is 250 mm × 250 mm × 350 mm.

The RenAM 500M is built using a Renishaw in house designed and manufactured optical system and control platform which forms the basis for our future additive manufacturing systems product range.

Ideal for industrial production applications, RenAM 500M has a higher level of automation compared to the more flexible AM250 and AM 400 platforms.

Powder sieving and recirculation are all carried out within the compact system automatically, reducing the need for manual handling and exposure to materials. This provides increased safety and sustained quality of the metal powders.

The large 19 inch robust touchscreen user interface, and machine control software has been designed to be intuitive. Based on a Windows® operating system with a dedicated user interface, large icons show the build set-up workflow for ease of navigation through the various process steps.

The patented high capacity dual SafeChange™ filter system enables builds to be run for long periods within a stable controlled atmosphere. The filters capture process emissions in a safe and efficient manner.

The intelligent control system actively senses the condition of the filter, and automatically redirects the gas circuit to the clean filter before the process conditions deteriorate. The user is then alerted to change the filter housing and replace the filter cartridge.

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