CL-510 x 1500 GAP BED LATHE

Swing over bed 510mm 
Swing over cross slide 305mm 
Swing in gap 735mm 
Length of gap 170mm 
Distance between centers 1500mm
Width of bed 350mm 
Spindle nose D1-8 
Spindle bore 80mm 
Taper of spindle bore MT 7 
Range of spindle speed 25-2000mm/min 
Power of main motor 7.5 kw 
Packing size (lxwxh) 2840x1150x1430mm 
Net weight/gross weight 2700 / 3070


Standard accessories:

3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, face plate, steady rest, follow rest, changing gears, dead center, reduction sleeve, oil gun, coolant system, working light, chasing dial indicator, operation manual(English edition)


Optional accessories:

Digital readout system (DRO), quick change tool post & holders, taper turning attachment



Swing over bed 410mm
Swing over cross slide 255mm
Swing in gap 580mm
Length of gap 250mm
Distance between centers 1000, 1500mm
Width of bed 250mm
Spindle nose D1-6
Spindle bore 52mm
Taper of spindle bore No.6 Morse
Max spindle speed 1800rpm
Gross weight 1800, 2100kg

CDS 6266C (Heavy Duty Lathe)


  • 3-jaw chuck
  • Steady rest
  • Follow rest
  • Center tools
  • Face plate
  • Drive plate
  • Toolpost guard
  • Chuck guard
  • Full splash guard
  • Oil gun
  • Foundation bolts
  • Tool brake.


Swing over bed 660mm
Swing over cross slide 440mm
Swing in gap 870mm
Gap length 250mm
Dist. centers 1000/1500/2000/3000
Spindle bore 105mm
Taper of spindle bore 110/120mm
Spindle nose D8
No.of Spindle speed 16
Spindle speed ranges 26-1700rpm
Max spindle motor power 7.5kW(10HP)
Width over bedways 394mm
Cross slide travel - X axis 355mm
Travel of top slide 150mm
Max.dimension of tool shank 25×25mm
Range of Imperial Pitches 16-80TPI
Range of Diametral Pitches 8-160DP
Range of Metric Pitches 0.35-80mm
Range of Module Pitches 0.2-40MOD
Tailstock quill diameter 75mm
Tailstock quill taper No 5 MT
Tailstock quill travel 150mm
CW62100 X 5000mm heavy duty lathe

CW series


  • Heavy Duty Machine for long turning lengths
  • Precision Ground Bed Ways
  • Fully Encloded Feedbox
  • 3-jaw chuck
  • Steady rest
  • Center tools
  • Face plate
  • Drive plate
  • Toolpost guard
  • Chuck guard
  • Full splash guard
  • Foot brake.    
Max. swing over bed 1000mm
Max. swing over carriage 720mm
Center distance    750mm/1000mm/1500mm/2000mm
Width of gap 320mm
Swing over gap 1230mm
Width of guide way 550mm
Spindle bore diameter 130mm
Spindle speed (18 speeds) 7.5~1000rpm
Longitudinal feed (64) 0.1~24.3mm/r
Cross feed (64) 0.05~12.15mm/r
Rapid traverse speed 3.8m/min
Metric thread (39)1~240mm
Inch thread (26) 14~1TPI
Module thread (53) 0.5~120mm
Diametrical pitch thread (24) 28~1
Max. travel of cross slide 493mm
Travel of top slide 200mm
Main motor power 11kw
Rapid traverse motor power 1.1kw
Coolant pump motor power 0.09kW




  • 3-jaw chuck
  • Steady rest
  • Center tools
  • Face plate
  • Drive plate
  • Toolpost guard
  • Chuck guard
  • Full splash guard
  • Oil gun
  • Foundation bolts
  • Tool brake
Swing over bed                                                      500mm                                   
Swing over cross slide  290mm
Swing over gap  760mm
Gap length  280mm
Dist. centers 750/1000/1500/2000/3000
Spindle bore 82/105
Taper of spindle bore  90/1:20
Spindle nose  D8
No. of Spindle speed  16
Spindle speed ranges 26-2000/26-1700rpm
Maximum spindle motor power  705kw(3/10HP)
Width over bedways  394 mm
Cross slide travel X axis  355mm
Travel of top side  150mm
Max. dimension of tool shank  25 x 25 mm
Range of Imperial Pitches  7/16-80 TPI
Range of Diametral Pitches  7/8-160DP 
Range of Metric Pitches  0.35-80 mm
Range of Module Pitches  0.2-40 MOD 
Tailstock quill diameter 75 mm
Tailstock quill taper  No. 5MT
Tailstock quill travel  150 mm


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