CNC Laser Cutting

Fibermak G Force

Fibermak G-Force is designed with the servo motor concept - a machine equipped with a servo motor can reach up to 4G acceleration with its rigid bridge as a result of dynamic analyses and its perfect design. Thanks to the high acceleration that provide great advantages while switching between parts, production time is decreased and efficiency is increased by 15% per hour on average. The more complex the part to be processed, the greater the productivity.

Produced by using long-life and high quality components together with its strong body structure, Fibermak G-Force is designed to operate continuously and precisely even under the most severe conditions.

Machine Axes 4-Axes (X,Y,Z,U)
Max X,U Axes travels 3050mm
Max Y Axis travels 1530mm
Max Z Axis travels 150mm
Max Worksheet Dimensions 3000 x 1500mm
Max Burden Capacity 1500kg
Max Cutting Capacity

Mild Steel - 16mm
Stainless Steel - 8mm
Aluminum - 6mm



Hawk Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

Eco-solution for low budget, high performance expecting customers.

The Hawk Laser offers an open table design which allows the operator full access to the cutting table. The Hawk is a great option for companies looking for a entry point machine with the build and robustness of a heavy machine. Suitable for the following industries: sign manufacturing, light production manufacturing, Architecture, Aerospace, and Custom Job Shops. Material types: Stainless, Aluminum, Steel, Brass, and copper.

Cutting Head

Manually Adjustable Focus Lens I Precise Height Control I Lower Protection Glass

Control Panel

Resistant to various environmental conditions; shock, dirt, humidity, temperature, etc I Touch screen and an external keyboard is availableThe axis speed can be controlled with the speed adjustment potentiometer on the control panel NC graphic display.





Control type NC
Configuration 3-axis
X-Axis travel  3050mm
Y-Axis travel 1530mm
Cutting speed  106000mm/min
Cutting Dimension  1.5m x 3m 
Cutting capabilities of 6mm MS by Ermak 500W, 10mm MS by Ermak 1000W resonators.

Fibermak Raptor Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

The Raptor Fiber Laser was produced as an alternative solution to the standard Fibermak model without any compromise in cutting quality. Compact, modular and ergonomic design.

General Features
Modular and ergonomic design I 0.5G acceleration and 50m/min speed I Extraction Unit I Conveyor I Loading Unit I 15” touch screen controller I Servo motor technology I High precision cutting head I Standard 500W and 1kW laser unit

Cutting Head Features
Manual adjustable focal lens I Precise height control I Protection Glass I Piercing air system

Material Stainless steel, for steel, for aluminum, for copper, for brass
Control type  CNC
Configuration  3-axis
Other characteristics High-precision, modular, with servo-motor
X-Axis travel  2050mm, 3050mm
Y-Axis travel 1270mm, 1550mm
Cutting speed 70000mm/min
Laser power  500W, 1000W, 2000W
Z-Axis Travel 152mm
Load capacity  600KG
Work Area  3000 x 1000mm
Laser source options 500W, 1kW or 2kW



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