WFT 15 - Table Type

Horizontal Boring Mills

WFT 15 - Table Type

With Siemens, Fanuc, Heidenhein control

WFT 15 CNC represents a new model of table type horizontal boring mill. The machine feature is the live rigid spindle of 150 mm diameter and a spindle stroke of 1 000 mm. The main 51 kW motor enables to reach higher turning torque compare to WFT 13 CNC. Z Axis is provided with a linear guideway. The machine is allows efficient processing of large and heavy workpieces with high precision and quality of operation.

Machine Axes:

WFT 15 CNC offers four linear (X,Y,Z a W) and two rotary axes (B a C). A full servo rotary table option allows  continuous B-axis rotation (contouring) simultaneously with X, Y, Z, or W axes. The column travels horizontally on linear guideways,  the workpieces are clamped on a rotary table that travels in X-axis and the spindle travels vertically in Y Axis.

The Y-axis ball screw (diameter 80 mm), rigid column and powerful headstock, further contribute to the precision and rigidity of the machine. Other features such as Heidenhain linear scales, standard spindle thermal monitoring system, and no slip stick rotary table contribute to the high degree of accuracy.

Machine Design:

Modular design lets our customers configure the machine according to their requirements.

X-axis travel from 1500 to 5000mm
Y-axis travel from 1700mm to 3500mm
Z-axis travel from 1200mm to 3600mm

CNC rotary table is offered in three dimensions

1600 x 1800mm with maximum table load 15 tons
1800 x 2200mm with maximum table load 15 tons
2000 x 2400mm with maximum table load 20 tons


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