Horizontal Boring Mills


Overall Size 2000*1800mm
T Slots mm  28*9mm
Maximum Loading 15000kg(20000)
B Axis Mini. Increment ° 0.001° Automatic 4 positions (90°)
X Axis Travel  3000mm
Y Axis Travel  2500mm(3000)
Z Axis Travel  1700mm
W Axis Travel (Spindle Axis) 700mm(900)
W Axis Diameter  Ø130mm
X / Y / Z Rapid Feed rate 10mm/min
X / Y / Z Minimum Setting 0.001mm/min
X / Y / Z Cutting Feed rate 5mm/min
W Axis Rapid Feedrate mm/min  2mm/min
No. of ATC 40(60/90/120)
Tool Change Time  15sec
Max. Tool Length 400mm
Max. Tool Weight    25kg

The extendable quill on the SHM series allows cutting at the centre of the table. The heavy duty direct drive rotary table offers exceptional stability, that can handle loads of up to 7,000kg and can index to 0.001 degree increments. It has a heavy duty locking mechanism that automatically engages at 90 degree increments.

• Extendable Spindle (Quill or W-axis)
• German precision spindle (110mm diameter)

• Movable column design(except SHM-11020RF)
• Fixed column design(SHM-11020RF)
• Milling style (no rotary table, large milling table) - SHM-11020/11030/11040
• 90 degree precision rotary table locking pin(SHM-11025R / 11030R / 11040R)

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