Multi Tasking Turning Center

Multitasking machines are designed to provide a certain desired machining strategy by using any combination of milling and turning within the same work envelope. They are usually recognizable as a Horizontal or Vertical Lathe, with spindles for milling and drilling simply available at some or all of the tool positions. With a Multi Tasking machine, a part requiring a variety of operations can be machined in one setup, particularly if a subspindle allows the part to be passed from one spindle to another during machining.

TM 1500


  • The multi-function machine with B-axis can easy have bevel angle drilling and cutting work.
  • The B-axis is driven by DD build-in motor, the best torque is 1200Nm, and with curved coupling it can easy do a heavy cutting job shop work and also curved surface milling.
  • The machine use special Electro Spindle, the spindle speed can reach 12000rpm and torque 103Nm, it is a special machine can do first mill and end mill in the same machine.
  • The Y-axis design is perpendicular type, and match with our moving column machine structure, the Y-axis have complete movement.  It will not have dead space for the travel. (Y-axis travel +/-220mm).(applying for patent now.)
  • 12”chuck (C-axis) + servo tailstock (M.T #5) + 40 tools ATC (Capto C6) + 1550mm Z-axis travel + B-axis (-100°~+140°)=Perfect machine.
Max. swing                    mm (in)         790(31)
Max. turning diameter     mm (in)         780(30.7)
Bar capacity                  mm (in)     115(4.5)
X/Z/Y axis travel            mm (in)     730+40(28.7+1.57)/1550(61)/±200(7.87)
B axis travel mm (in)      mm (in)     240゜(-10゜~+230゜)
Spindle speed (chuck/electro)    rpm 1500/12000
Chuck size    mm (in)         381(15)
Type of spindle nose     A2-11
Spindle motor power    Kw(hp) 30(40)
Tool storage capacity     40
X/Z/Y axis rapid traverse    m/min(imp) 20/30/20(787.4/1181/787.4)


TW 8


  • Twin Spindle & Turret Turning Center
Max. swing                mm (in) 290(11.42)
Max. turning diameter mm (in) 290(11.42)
Max. turning length     mm (in) 160(6.3)
X axis travel               mm (in) 145+10(8.86+0.59)
Z axis travel               mm (in) 165(31.1)
Spindle speed             rpm. 4500
Chuck size                 mm (in) 210(8)



  • Double Built-in Spindle with 65 model
  • Double Y axis for versatile milling
  • Three Servo Turret
  • Total 48 Station Live Tooling
Max. Manu. Dia. Ø210
Standard Manu. Dia. Ø190
Max. Swing Dia. Ø210
Distance Between Two Center 1045mm
Max. Manu. Length 320mm
Bar Capacity Ø51
X1, X2, X3 Axis Travel 227.5/230/227.5mm
Z1, Z2, Z3 Axis Travel 310/440/250mm
Y1, Y2 Axis Travel ±50mm
B Axis Travel 762mm
X, Y, Z Axis Rapid Travel Speed 16/6/40m/min
B Axis Rapid Travel Speed 40m/min
Max. Spindle speed 6000rpm
Spindle Motor  7.5/11kw
Spindle Bore Ø60.5
Spindle Bar Capacity     Ø51
Max. Sub Spindle speed 6000rpm
Spindle Motor 7.5/11kw

CY2-52MB (With B-axis for angle hole drilling )


  • The CY2-52MB CNC turning milling center combines double built-in spindle, double Y axis and B axis live tooling functions. This milling center can greatly reduce machining time and raise overall production efficiency.
  • The B axis live tooling system provides high precision for indexing accuracy up to 0.001° and can rotate 360°, supplying angular machining capability.
Max. manu. dia.      Ø51mm
Bar capacity      Ø51mm
Spindle max. rpm       6000 rpm
X1 axis travel     200mm
Y1 axis travel      455mm
Z1 axis travel      192mm
Max. bar feeding dia.       Ø51mm
Collet of spindle      TRB-52
X1, Y1, Z1 rapid travel speed      30 m/min
No. of Axial and Radial driven tool     12
Sub spindle Max. manu. dia.       Ø51
Machine N.W. (includes chip conveyor)      6000 kg
Machine size (LxWxH) (includes chip conveyor)     3400x1921x2080


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