5AX-201 Compact 5th Axis Rotary Table

5th Axis Trunnion Tables

5AX-201 Compact 5th Axis Rotary Table

Code / Item Number 5AX-201
Diameter of Table ømm 200
Diameter of Spindle Hole ømm ø60H7 x ø50
Centre Height mm 180
Width of T Slot mm 12
Axis   Rotary Tilting (0o~105o)
Clamping System   (Air*) Hydraulic (Air*) Hydraulic
Clamping Torque N.m (303*) 588 (303*) 612
Table Inertia at Motor Shaft kg m2x10-3 0.11 0.16
Servo Motor min-1 2/5000 · 2000 4/5000 · 2000
MIN. Increment   0.001° 0.001°
Rotation Speed min -1 22.2 16.6
Total Reduction Ratio   1/90 1/120
Indexing Accuracy sec 20 60
Net Weight kg 160
MAX Work Load on the Table (0° to 30°) kg 60
MAX Work Load on the Table (30° to 90°) kg 40
MAX Thrust Load applicable on the Table Tilting Angle =0° 9800N
Tilting Angle =0° L= 100mm F=4900N
Tilting Angle =90° L1=0mm F1=5880N
L2=100mm F2=2940N
Tilting Angle =90° FxL = 382Nm
MAX Work Inertia [Vertical] kg m2 0.5
Driving Torque N.m 72

Nikken’s complete line of CNC Rotary Tables is recognised worldwide for wear-resistance, rigidity and high-speed capabilities. Every component is designed & built to provide unrivalled high accuracy, increased
production and a trouble-free long life.

The proven tightening power of the Nikken Ultra-Lock™ Milling Chuck is applied to the brake of the tilting axis of our 5AX-tilting rotary table.
• Virtually eliminates vibration at any tilting angle.
• Provides necessary rigidity for heavyduty operations, including heavy drilling and face milling.



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